Black&White Peyote stitch Bracelet

I wanted to see what I could design just using black and white beads. I wasn't able to stick completely to just black and white and did throw in a bit of red and a bit of gold. I did have fun though and now I have a series of pieces that I call the Black&Whites.

This extra wide bracelet is made with Peyote stitch, which I love because the beads tightly fit together and remain extraordinarily strong. It is soft and very lightweight. It has beautiful Sterling Balinese style hook and eye attachments. The length is 19cm / 7 1/2 in., and the wide is 5.5cm / 2 1/4 in. It is made with Japanese glass seedbeads.

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What is my bracelet length?

Use a tape or cord, wrap it around your wrist and mark the end point. Lay it out & use a ruler to determine the length.

You want a little wiggle room so your wrist can move and there is no pressure on the bracelet. You do not want it too loose because the designs are meant to lie flat.

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