Je n'arrête pas de recevoir des compliments sur mon teint depuis que j'utilise leurs produits et pourtant la ménopause me frappe de plein fouet. Je pourrais parler de chaque produit que j'ai adopté avec plaisir.

- Élisabeth Patenaude,  Mirabel QC

Merci infiniment à l'entreprise québécoise Liberterre Apothecary pour sa générosité et pour la qualité impeccable de vos produits. Margie utilise toujours la pommade Liberterre : Salvation, pour prendre soin de son corps et soulager les muscles endoloris par les répétitions. Merci à Liberterre Apothecary de appuyer le #ProjetHéritage, en nous remettant un pourcentage du montant des ventes. Merci pour cette collaboration qui permet aussi aux danseurs d'avoir accès à un produit naturel, de haute qualité et si agréable pour le corps!

 - Margie Gillis, Montréal, QC

Very nice, light day cream. Absorbs well and gives a nice "glow." Very satisfied.

 - Jen, Québec, QC

J'utilise vos produits depuis maintenant quelques semaines et les biens faits sont remarquables ! Je suis accro à la crème de nuit. En plus de la qualité de cette crème, l'odeur est tout à fait sublime. Chaque soir maintenant, ma routine avant dodo comprend ma session de pouponnage Liberterre qui me rend heureuse et magnifique à la fois.
Je la recommande à tous !

 - Caroline Paradis, Longueuil, Québec

I love the smell of this mask. It goes on super smooth and leaves my skin so soft. I was waiting for the mask to completely crack but realized it doesn't do that. I am going to use this every week, I feel like I look ten years younger.

 - Odette, Toronto, ON

This is one of the best face exfoliants I've ever tried in my whole life and let me tell you, I've tried many different kinds. It is gentle yet very effective and I get stunning results! My face feels soft and clean!

 - France Laferriere, Ayer's Cliff, QC

I can't believe how little I needed to get such great results. It completely helped with the darkness under my eyes and even concealed it.

 - Sarah, Montréal, QC

Love your eye cream! I really appreciate the soothing effects. Plus just a little goes a long way. I use it day and night.
Thanks Erich & AnneBruce!!
Can't wait for your hair products !!!

 - Joy, Hatley, QC

J'adore nettoyer mon visage avec ce produit. Il est doux pour la peau. Il a une odeur sublime et il est rafraîchissant. Il est parfait pour préparer la peau au autres produits de Liberterre que j'utilise : Un serum et la crème de jour.
Je suis plus que satisfaite de ce produit !

 - Caroline Paradis, Longueuil, Québec

I use this cream everyday. I love the smell and it is goes in fast with no greasy feeling afterwards. Great stuff guys!

 - Stephan, Coaticook, QC

This lotion really changes the condition of my skin. No more dry, itchy legs for me! and it goes in super fast. Your products are a step above anything else. Thank-you Liberterre!

 - George, St. Bruno, QC

Knee replacement therapy!

I can vouch for the excellent quality of your "Salveation cream"! It helped me immensely to recover from my knee replacement! Thanks! Keep up the good work.

Gudrun Brand, Massawippi, QC

Fabulous ! Your Salveation is awesome, not just for professional for sailors too.....

Rachel Alexander, South Hampton, England

I have been using Salveation for aches and pains with great results.
Recently I started having tingling in my toes and the doctor said there was nothing they could do. It was a peripheral nerve problem that was unsolvable. So I thought I have nothing to lose and I tried Salveation on my feet. And low and behold my toes stopped tingling. I can't believe how wonderful Salveation is. Thank-you!

 - Robert Greenwood, London, Ontario

Quelle excellente pommade, je me suis cassée la petite orteil droite en me la cognant sur une patte de lit, lol et en 2 semaines l'enflure a diminué de moitié. De plus, je me suis cogné le tendon du poignet gauche, rien à faire pour la guérison (radio etc. sauf des anti inflammatoire (Dr.) et ne pas utiliser la main de mon chiro :0( mais depuis cette pommade, j'en ai presque fini avec ce tendon, c'est long mais quel bonheur. Je vous recommander à tous ceux qui ont des petits bobos et bonne continuité.

 - Bernadette Wart, Québec, QC

I used this on the cracks of my heels overnight and saw a huge difference. I tried it each night after and I am now a week later with brand new feet. That little tube packs a punch!

 - Odette Engels, Toronto, ON

Best kitchen aid I have ever owned!

 - Jenny, Magog, QC

I had this annoying rash on my armpits and I applied Eczorias only once and the next day it was gone. I couldn't believe it. Now I can start shaving again.
Thanks, Liberterre!

 - Sharon Reynolds, Montreal, QC

I've had to deal with Eczema since I was a teenager and have tried all the products out there. It is such a relief to find something completely natural that really calms my Eczema and relieves the itching, irritation and blisters I've known for so long. And I can use it as often as I want with no side effects!
Thank-you Liberterre!

 - Samuel Gatsworth, Ontario

Yeah! Chemical free Sun protection!

It went on very white, it was a bit concerning but it faded rather quickly. I am glad to find a chemical free sun lotion. The smell is fantastic.

 - Nicki, Kingston, ON

My armpits LOVE this stuff!

I had never used a cream deodorant before so I thought I would give it a try. I usually react terribly to anything I put on my armpits. My skin immediately breaks out in a rash but with your stuff not only did I not react, I actually healed. My armpits love this stuff. It smells great and that means I smell great. Thanks!

 - Christina, Montréal, QC



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