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poshpoche Creations by AnneBruce

Today you can find me in the Eastern Townships of Québec on our farm "LIBERTERRE". with my husband Erich, my two cats Salvedore Almodovar & Josephine, & our border collie Iska. In addition to our herbal Apothecary (I am a practical Herbalist) and small "Gite", I spend a lot of time working with textures. In the past I had a Teddy Bear company "A Bruce Bear", a card company ABCs, Poshpoche embroidery and have dabbled in the art of Lost Wax. I am now engrossed in the complicated and intricate world of seed beads.

I started with known patterns and techniques from around the world, including North American Indigenous, Persian, Peruvian, Eastern European, and Central African. My big inspiration comes from my Scottish and Ukrainian heritage. It also comes from my farm, gardens, and love of nature. Living on 25 acres of woodland, flowers and plants, I go for long walks that helps my creative energy. I am particularly drawn to traditional geometrical shapes that have inspired cultures all over the globe and have found deep connections between them all and to nature.

What is my bracelet length?

Use a tape or cord, wrap it around your wrist and mark the end point. Lay it out & use a ruler to determine the length.

You want a little wiggle room so your wrist can move and there is no pressure on the bracelet. You do not want it too loose because the designs are meant to lie flat.



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